Monday, February 25, 2008

Half way there.

Our friends Dale and Shelly Heward came over to see our Latin guest room. Shelly said the pictures didn't do the room justice and that I needed to put more recent pictures on my blog so here are some more.

This one is of a wall hanging the we got in Guatemala Dale helped us negotiate a good deal. The shelf to the left and the rack that the wall hanging is hanging from my father and I made, way back when. I should say my father made. I just mostly told him what I wanted.

This is the head board that I got such a great price on at my new favorite store where they sell everything Mexican. I will be making a bed frame soon and then I am hoping to find some bright colored bedding. I have a wonderful big throw and pillows that are from Peru that are Llama fur. I can hardly wait to get them out.

This is one of my favorites. You really can't tell but the thing on the dresser is a nativity from a Mexican artist. It is all made from scrap metal. Samuel Jr. made the arch for me and I found these wonderful paper flowers in San Diego. I found the little shelf at Terri's and only paid $3.00 for it. The picture if a Mola from Panama that Ryan Heward brought back from his mission. I just am loving this room. Everyday I remember something else that I have and add it to the decor. I am trying to take my time and not get done too fast. I tend to go too quickly and then the fun is all over. Well I hope to be enjoying this room for a long time. My friend from El Salvador (Mirian) loves the room too and wants to get me all kinds of stuff from her Latin friends in her ward. Wouldn't that be fun.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The happiest guest room ever!!

Here is a picuture of my happy guest room. I am having so much fun getting this projest done. I love the happy bright colors and the fun items that I have bought over the years in Mexico and other Latin countries, they will look great in this room.

I included the picture of the corner to show the colors that I chose but also to show how great I blocked the colors. It was a little tricky but I am happy with the results.