Monday, November 9, 2009


Clarissa blogged about meeting one of the Fab5 the other day in church so I thought that I would blog about who I met in the Temple. It was Filipe from the Biggest Looser. He is such a good looking guy. His wife was with him and she too is beautiful. He is still in good shape and is very friendly. As he walked past me he had to stop for a moment and I said, "Hey aren't you kind of famous?" He said, "Yeah I was on the biggest looser." I said that I knew and that he did a great job representing the church. I also told him that he had been in my house so many times that I felt like he should know me to which he laughed. His cousin Sione is married to Britney Figueroa who used to live down the street from us. They too are a great couple. I love it when good people from the church are in the media in a positive way. We can't get too much positive coverage.

Notice in this picture the Mesa Arizona LDS Temple on the wall.