Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Love to blog

I am just loving my blogs. I just wish more people read my blog about hearts. It is intended to reflect my feelings about love and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I check it everyday and hope to have inspired someone. Please feel free to pass it on if you want. Charmaine made a button link for me so you can use that too. Thanks for your help. By the way I am doing so well with walking. I walked 4.38 miles tonight in just 59 min. I am not loosing any weight but I like the walks. I hope I can keep going. The above picture is one of the green belts where I walk. This is really beautiful and green for Tempe, maybe not for the rest of the world but for here for sure. Love it.

Monday, September 7, 2009

New Blog Baby

I have started a new blog. It is linked to my Hearts button above. I was just really spending so much time updating my hearts page that I thought I should just go ahead and make it a blog. I hope it gets read. I love my pictures of hearts and I love sharing them. I have hundreds. Here they come.