Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas!

So it really is Christmas time. I just can't believe how quickly this year has speed past. I have had a wonderful year. Samuel and I took all of our children and their spouse on a fun cruise where we spent as much time as possible together. WE had so much fun and I can hardly wait to do it again. Charmaine and Randal moved to Iowa just about 2 week after we returned from the cruise. I wasn't able to drive with them to Iowa so I flew to Iowa at the end of July. I loved being there and getting to know the area and seeing all that Charmaine and Randal are able to enjoy. Iowa is beautiful in the summer. While there we were able to go to Nauvoo and to the Temple. Just driving into Nauvoo life felt different. Sameul and I really love being there. I was able to go back to Iowa in Sept. to help with their new baby also. That was great.

We also have been able to visit Chantal and Brian in San Diego and I love going there, it is so close and the weather is always nice, you know, it never rains in California. (Unless the Earth is rotating.) This past spring we took the whole family to Lego Land and had so much fun. We borrowed Samuel's brother's 12 passenger van and loaded up everyone except Charmaine and her family and then on the way Charmaine's car broke down and we had to add 3 more people to our load. Brian was so kind to drive to Yuma from San Diego and rescue us. This is a pic. of Lacy, Brian and Katie.

The other great event is my life it that I have been called to work in the Temple. I love it! I work 2 days and Samuel works one. We are really enjoy our time there. I am also reading several books about the Temple to help me learn even more. This year I also had the opportunity to be in charge of setting up the nativities at the Mesa Temple Visitors Center. All turned out very nice and I have had the opportunity to go back to the center several times and check on things. I have loved working with the director there and his wife and getting to know the system a little better. We have a wonderful committee there are 3 women and a few volunteers that put it all together.

Jenny and I have been a part of 3 baby showers for Clarissa. Clair and Logan will be having their baby girl soon and then we will be finding out her name that they have kept a big secret. Wow can you believe it my baby is having a baby. The showers were fun and I am glad that they are over and that we had such a nice turn out. My sister Julie and her daughters gave Clair the first shower, then Sandy H. is my ward gave her the second one and then Jenny and I did the third. (My camara is broken so I can't find a single picture.)

Samuel and Samuel Jr. are in business together, that has been a great adventure for them and I sure hope that it will be a big success. Samuel Jr. graduated from college in the spring real estate and so the Sams are now in business with one of my nephews selling commercial property.

Right now besides getting ready for Christmas we are also getting ready for a wedding here at our home. Our long time friend Joyce Jones will be getting married and we are privileged to be able to have this event here on New Years Eve. I think her theme song should be "What are you doing New Years Eve."

Now I am almost done with this entry and I have to say I got the idea from my friend Shelly to just post my pictures on my blog and just send a short message to my friends with my Christmas letter to read my blog and look at pictures. I hope that you have all enjoyed the blog and I hope that if you are a blogger that you will invite me to yours. I look forward to seeing you all and I hope you the most wonderful Christmas and New Year ever.

Love you all, Susan