Thursday, May 27, 2010

I really do have the best son in the world

I always feel so lacking in words when it comes to expressing my feelings about my kids and husband. Samuel Jr. has been in Ames helping Charmaine and Randal get packed up and ready to move back to Tempe for the summer. It has been hot and humid and a ton of work as moving always is. Samuel had been in Ames for 9 days before I got here and he was still so positive and a wonderful support and still working hard still being encouraging and looking out for the needs of everyone else. We have been driving now for two days and he has been nothing but pleasant as he has been driving by himself the huge moving truck and pulling a trailer. He has just amazed me. I just keep thinking, the young women of the world just don't know what they are missing when it comes to Samuel. I am absolutely convince that he will make every bit as good a husband and father as his father has been and I'm sure to his wife, when she discovers him, will think he is perfect too. I just hope for him all the happiness that he truly deserves. Samuel Jr. has been such a support and encouragement to me. I love him and he show unconditional love to me and our family. He is such a good son and man!