Thursday, June 7, 2007

Things That Make Me Smile

Updated August 7, 2009

This really makes me smile.

Can you believe the hair on Samuel and I. We were so cool! I can't believe he used to let me blow dry his hair and then I would poof it up and hair spray it in place. The matching clothes, that was all Samuel. And my hair, wow that is some hair. Full on 90's. (I think it was 89 or 90.) I was really rockin it. Samuel and I were on our way to Las Vegas for our annual anniversary trip. That was so fun. We stayed at the Luxor and went to see Star Light Express. We had so much fun.

Updated July 27, 2009
I just love the flowers at my house, here are a few that make me smile.

My grandkids are huge smile getters out of me. Here are some of the cute things I see in my life that make me smile.
I lust love this picture of Bou, she is Clarissa and Logan's daughter. and I think she looks just like a Cupie Doll. She is so plesant and quiet, just sits there like a little doll. This is Jack, Jenny and Shawn's giant baby boy. He is so amazing. The other day he rolled over, he is only 3 weeks old. He already weighs over 10 lbs. and is 24 inches long.Grandkids and Nativities, two of my favorite things. Put them together and for sure you will get a smile.
And of course there is my wonderful husband. No one works harder to ensure my happiness, he has always tried to be just what Heavenly Father would want him to be and that has translated into the worlds best husband. There is no smile as good as that one.

I will be posting more "things that make me smile" later but for now this is a jumping off place. (Look, there is a Nativity on the shelf above my piano.)


Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

aww that picture of Bou is so cute!

Jenny Lynn said...

it is all very sweet, but i especially love your comments about daddy. you two are the perfect example of a couple in love. thanks for that, i love you both!

Chantal said...

Verry sweet! Bou does look and act like a doll! Daddy makes me smile also!