Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Christmas morning.

Here we all are on Christmas morning in our pj's. Aren't we cute! Even Molly got in the picture. It was so nice to have everyone be here. It is going to get harder and harder to all get together will all the kids and in-laws. Luckily we all made it.


Jenny Lynn said...

I'm so glad you are back to blogging! I love it! Booo to myfamily, yea for blogging! I love your cute picture. I dont think I have even seen any pijama pictures! Love you!

halefam3 said...

Hello Susan! It's so fun that you have a blog and that picture of everyone is so cute! Hope you're doing well!

Meeker Family said...

I found your blog through your girls who found me somehow. I have thought a lot about your family over the past couple of years and I have felt really bad that we haven't kept in touch better. I want you to know that you were a angel for me in a really hard time in my life. I will always be grateful for what you did for me. I see better now what a sacrifice it must have been for you. You were truly an instrument in the lords hands. Thank you. Anyway, I would love it if you would check out our blog, my kids are getting so big now. it is www.meekerfamily.blogspot.com Now that I have all your blogs I can keep in touch better, I am better at the computer than the phone.
Amberly Meeker (Breaux)

Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

i want to see more christmas pictures!