Monday, July 27, 2009

Men Hard At Work

So here they are. Daddy, Samuel Sr. and Samuel Jr. hard at work. We have had so many major leaks at our house. I think that this is the eighth one where we have had to dig up pipes and replace them. That pipe that the Samuels are holding is one that was placed next to the pipe stand to stabilize it I guess. The man that we bought this property from did everything big. That pipe that was just strapped to the water pipe, went into the ground about 4 feet and into concrete. He did a good job but the pipe broke anyway.
The water here must have been leaking for quite awhile. The normally very hard ground was really soft and full of water so although it was easy to dig it was very heavy and sticky. Samuel Sr. was planning to fix the problem himself but when we heard that Daddy had been digging to see if he could find the leak I about freaked out. I could just see my father succumbing to the heat and so we all went out and got busy.
The project ended up taking all of us, I guess. Both Samuels diggings and fixiing, me watching and running the occasional errand to Home Depot and of course taking pictures. And Daddy, running back and forth getting what ever tool the men needed and giving much needed advise. Daddy was standing for about an hour and I finally insisted that he sit in the shade on the bridge which he did but not without some protest.
The hole ended up being about a 3 foot square but part of it went down to who knows where. At one point Samuel stepped in the hole and then pulled his foot out. The sound of the water rushing out the hole to some unseen reservoir sounded like a toilet flushing. Daddy and I just looked at each other like "what the heck!" We had a good laugh.
Well all in all, I think it was a good day. I'm sure we saved hundreds of $ doing this project ourselves. No one was hurt or got sick from the heat. We fixed multiple problems and we had a great time visiting with each other. It seems the only time that we can get Daddy to really visit with us is when we have a big problem that needs fixing. We are so blessed to have Daddy living here with us and I am glad that he now has water once again.