Tuesday, August 25, 2009


OK, I guess I have to write a little about our trip to Alaska. It was great! It was cold and rainy the whole time. Beautiful gray clouds, glaciers in the mountains, ice cold water falls everywhere, salmon in the streams, eagles in the trees, flowers, and best of all good company. We just had so much fun. It just makes me a little sad that it was so quickly over.

Here I am on the zip line and suspension bridge that we did. It was really fun and Samuel and I both got medals for finishing the trip. We didn't know until we were almost done that not everyone makes it to the end. I thought I would be scared but I would do it again in a heart beat!!
It is so strange that the only pictures that I have of Shelly and Dale they are kissing. Oh well, they are in love I guess. Imagine that. This was one of my favorite pictures on the ship. Although it is not Alaska at all, I do love the Caribbean.
This is the back sides of all of us looking at the Salmon in a stream. I don't know why I don't have a picture of the Salmon.
Terry and Connie Starks. They may not be kissing but they too are so cute in love. Terry always calls Connie, "Fox." This is one of my new Alaska friends. He was a little crabby because I was talking to him about dinner being that it was almost dinner time. Unfortunately we did not get to eat any of his kin on this trip. Some of the beautiful flower in Prince Rupert, Canada. I think this is my favorite shot. Sister Heward, (Dale's mother) Shelly and I all huddled under one little umbrella as we rested for a bit in the rain. Loved it!!! I can hardly wait to go again.