Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why I love Ames

Last week Samuel and I were in Ames Iowa visiting Charmaine, Randal, Israel and Elijah. We had so much fun. I wrote on my blog about how I loved Ames and my sister Peggy wrote back and asked me why.

(This is the street that Charmaine lives on.)
Well, the obvious, it is were Charmaine lives right now but then also it is just beautiful. We walked everyday and I love looking at the beautiful change that is taking place in the season.
(Tree just starting to change.)
(One of Charmaine's neighbors.)
The last day we were there it was too cold for me to walk so I can't imagine what it will be like in the dead of winter but for the spring, summer and fall it is the place to be. Here are some pictures that illustrate my point.
(This is very typical architecture in Ames, my favorite.)(So many houses have a cute little summer porch too.)
So many things to love about Ames. Charmaine also blogged a few pictures and her's are even better. She is a much better photographer than I. Check it out.